Tuppence Cafe – Dunedin

One of my university friends, local to Dunedin, introduced me to Tuppence Cafe in Waverly, just 10 minutes out of central Dunedin on the way out to the peninsula.

Tuppence amazed me with the diversity of their cabinet sweets – ranging from raw, vegan caramel slice, gluten free chocolate bars, beetroot cake and more.

We ordered a meal from the brunch menu – I ordered the classic, eggs benny accompanied by grilled ciabatta. The difference with this popular meal compared to a lot of standard cafes was the hollandaise sauce. The rich, creamy, slightly acidic characteristics of a homemade hollandaise stand out. Tuppence had absolutely nailed theirs, and for anyone visiting Dunedin, this is definitely a place to stop in at for a Sunday avro brunch, or if you’re in the mood to splash out for a yummy, classic kiwi brunch with a friend.


Find Tuppence at:

146 Larnach Road,





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