Etrusco at the Savoy, Dunedin

The Italians would be proud of this hidden culinary gem..

Having just started my third and final year at university in Dunedin, I have come to discover the hidden food treasures this little, but vibrant city has to offer.

Keeping the ‘cheep and cheerful’ attitude in mind, I was pleasantly surprized to find Italian treasure, Etrusco hidden upstairs in one of Dunedin’s classic, old fashioned buildings in the CBD. Ever since I’ve been a loyal customer over the three years I’ve studied in Dunedin – you can’t go past a good pizza or pasta dish when the study blues have you down.

To Start – Pizza Bread

Although the name might suggest ‘simple’, your tastebuds won’t think the same.

A house-made pizza base cooked in a woodfire pizza oven topped with olive oil, garlic and the house tuscan tomato sauce is a satisfying way to set you up for your main course. At $8.50 for 1-2 people or $11.50 for 3-4, there are options for a date night or family get together.

Pasta – The Nonno

I’ve ordered the Nonno a few times (as have a few of my friends that I can also vouch for), and am yet to try and create something similar at home after falling in love with it.

A creamy tomato based pasta sauce, riddled with thin shavings of pancetta (cured ham), onions, parmesan, parsley, all ‘flamed’ in vodka and tossed through penne is a true Italian night out for the tummy. Highly recommend this dish – depending on how spicy you like your food, I prefer to ask for the Nonno without the chilli as I’m pretty weak when it comes to handling a chilli.

I found the option to order either the ‘Medio’ or ‘Grande’ portion was one of the best things about the overall catering experience at Etrusco – grab the medio for a satisfying and cheap meal, or indulge into the grande with the option of taking home pasta for lunch the next day – for me this was a great treat not having to cook dinner the next night.

Ravioli (of the day)

The chef’s ravioli of the day special is usually a deal breaker when ordering. The ravioli of the day is usually full of great surprises. I tried the Pumpkin (sage and ricotta i think..) filled ravioli, accompanied by a tomato and parmesan based sauce. Super filling even when ordering just the medio option, but worth every cent.

A MUST for anyone living in or visiting Dunedin

Find Etrusco at:

The Savoy Building

8A Moray Place




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