Salt Bar, Whitianga, Coromandel

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Whitianga has been my second home for as long as I’ve been alive. Our family bach right on the water at Simpson’s Beach, built by my late Granddad is a special place where I have made and hold many memories.

One of the things I love most about visiting beach towns, especially Whitianga, is diving into the unique seaside restaurants that line the beach town.

Salt, has always had a great reputation for producing fine food, right on the corner of the Whitianga marina.

The times I have eaten there I have never been disappointed with the food – in fact I’ve been thoroughly impressed.

Bread & Dips

For starters my family and I always like to tuck into the house bread options, and Salt’s version of this is actually one of the best.

Homemade and toasted, brown seed and grain and ciabatta breads, accompanied by house garlic and herb butter, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic, leaves you desperate for your main course.

You can’t beat homemade bread, and I highly recommend that any bread fans visiting Whitianga should dive straight into Salt’s selection of bread and dips.

The Lamb Rump

I recently tried the Lamb Rump on our latest holiday in Whitianga, and I can safely say that I would go back for another order of that meal.

three perfectly medium-rare and succulent pieces of lamb, accompanied by roasted baby beetroot, rosemary infused potatoes, feta, crispy onions and black garlic created one of the most beautiful and tasty lamb dishes I have ordered anywhere.

The roasted garlic were golden pockets of heaven, and took the dish just that one step further.

At $34 a plate, I would say that if you are a lamb-lover, every cent is worth tasting this dish.

Twice Cooked Duck

Mum had the roast duck. An 8hr confit leg, roasted duck breast, accompanied by French lentils, savoy cabbage, cherry gel, chocolate soil and Sichuan jus was described by Mum as “amazing”.

Unsure about the chocolate component of the dish upon ordering, however after tasting I asked Mum what the flavour combination was like and she was very impressed.

The French lentils seemed to be the perfect companion as a subtle addition to the delicately cooked duck, and left us with another reason to come back as soon as we could.

Surf & Turf

Dad ordered the classic, surf & turf. A 200gm eye fillet steak with prawns, herb roasted baby potatoes and a béarnaise sauce. Dad being a big steak fan, was certainly impressed with the flavours and the portion size of the dish.

Baby potatoes are a kiwi classic when in season, and these roasted gems were waxy and flavoursome – the sign of high quality produce and experienced chefs.

Salt is the restaurant I would recommend to anyone passing through or staying in Whitianga. A truly, delectable treat.

Allergy friendly: YES

Child friendly: YES

Reasonably priced: FAIR

Impressive staff/service: YES

Find Salt at:

2 Blacksmith Lane, Whitianga 3510
Coromandel Peninsula, NZ
Phone 07 866 5818


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