Gusto, The Grand Hotel, Auckland

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.25.56 pm.png

For our anniversary, my boyfriend and I went for dinner at the Italian restaurant, Gusto and the Grand Hotel in Auckland City.

Italian being my absolute favourite cousin and culture I couldn’t wait to open the menu and dive into the pizza and pasta options.

The Ricotta Gnocchi

By boyfriend ordered the orgy of mushrooms, Clevedon Buffalo ricotta gnocchi. Again, four generous sized gnocchi, and easily enough. The depth of ricotta flavour throughout the pasta created a flavour through a gnocchi dish that I had never had the pleasure of tasting before – cheese lovers would be in heaven – and so were we.

The Sardinian Ravioli

I ordered the Sardinian Ravioli for my main. Presented with beautiful rosemary roasted potatoes, accompanied with mint, pecorino and sage butter – I was in Italian heaven.

It makes such a huge difference to a dish when every component is homemade, and this is what made the ravioli stand out from any other that I’ve tried.

Four generous pillows of three-cheese filled ravioli left me feeling very content!

An authentic, high-class Italian restaurant, among one of the best in Auckland in my experience of Italian places in the city. Somewhere to go once every blue moon, for special occasions – when you feel like the real Italian experience, led by the city’s top chefs.

Allergy friendly: YES

Child friendly: YES

Reasonably prices: YES

Impressive staff/service: YES

Find Gusto at:

90 Federal St, Auckland, 1010


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