The Lime Room, Pauanui


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For faily young, upperclass beachy town in the coromandel, apart from the outstanding waterway development, Pauanui doesn’t exceed a shopper or café-goer’s expectations comprred to the vibrant coromandel towns like Whitianga and Whangamata.

However, after being refered to be a friend to the International Golf Course restaurant, The Lime Room, Pauanui shed new kind of light for me.

The 300g Scotch fillet on the bone

The first thing you need to know about The Lime Room is that for some reason it wasn’t your standard ponsy Golf Club restaurant (ponsy with respect to the ‘club’ title, but not ponsy with respect to the price).

For a 300g Scotch Steak on the bone (yes, on the bone!), we paid $19. Taking into account that you can pay about $25 for 300g of scotch fillet off the bone was one of the reasons why we put the ratings of this restaurant through the ceiling.

My dad described his scotch as simply cooked to perfection, with the most delectably smooth and flavorsome ju I have actually ever had the privellage of tasting. You can tell a good ju by seeing if it sticks to the outside of the jug after you pour it onto your meal, and it certainly did that. To craft the delectibility of this ju would have taken great knowledge of food and hours of prep.

Cooked to medium rare perfection, the scotch did more than impress.

The Chicken Stack

I ordered the chicken stack for lunch and the detailed description was perpetuated beautifully onto my plate.

A fluffy and flavorsome potato gratin pillow, topped with tender and succulent chicken breast, drizzled with homemade creamy hollindase sauce had me saying “omg” after each mouthful.

Almost a different take on the café classic eggs benny, but with the most velvety chicken to replace the egg. Hairloon tomoatoes and a roast garlic infused grilled mushroom finished off the dish supurbly for me.

The Lime Pepper Calamari

The best calamari I have ever tasted is an understatement.

Strips of beautiful, tender, flavoursome squid presented in a shell shaped dish with a lemon wedge tingled my food-loving tastebuds. I have never tasted a calamari batter quite this good before – light and crunchy, with the perfect ratio of lime and pepper flavours.

One of the hardest seafood dishes to produce to perfection, and this chef achieved it with flying colors. You honestly couldn’t fault this dish.

Any seafood lovers will have to put the Lime Room on the list of places to eat at when visiting the Coromandel peninsula.

The Marinated Chicken Squewers

Better than your average straight-off-the-barby chicken squewers. The pieces of chicken on each squewer had the consistency as if it had been slow cooked in a suvee, finished with a quick grill. The chicken, like the chicken stack was succulent and tender.

Mum got five squewers for the entre size – great bang for your buck, and cooked to perfection.

The Garden Salad

Mum ordered the garden salad to accompany her chicken squewers and her exact words after her first mouthful was “the care that has gone into this salad is amazing.”

From baby beetroot, straberries, pommegranette, rocket leaves, red ontion and hairloom tomatoes, it was far from your typical side salad. Definitely worth every single one of those $8.

Allergy friendly: YES

Child friendly: YES

Reasonably prices: YES

Impressive staff/service: YES

Find The Lime Room at:

100 Augusta Drive, Pauanui, 3546


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